27 November 2010

Ceci et cela - this and that!

Because it's been a little while since I've been inspired to write a full blog - here are some extracts from my Facebook posts over the last couple of weeks.

Friday (26.11):
  • “Il neigait quand je suis arrivee a Lyon! It was snowing when I arrived in Lyon!!”
(Lyon is my last big adventure in France for this trip. As well as checking out the traboules of the Croix Rousse - the old tunnels used by the silk workers hundreds of years ago - I hope to catch up with a friend from Montpellier who’s visiting her son here this weekend. Quelle chance!)

Wednesday (24.11)
  • Posted new photos of Montpellier at night and said "Not only snow forecast, but the Christmas lights are up, there's a festival of the vines this weekend - and to top off my night, found the cutest little restaurant that I'd be happy to take girlfriends too again!!"
  • Earlier that night "Susan est etonné par the prévu météo pour ce weekend – il fera neige!! Oui, ici a Montpellier!! (Susan is surprised to see that snow is forecast here in Montpellier this weekend. We are on the Mediterranean!!
(For the record, the forecast has changed since Wednesday - it's just going to be cold instead! And the restaurant is called L'acolyte.)

Sunday (21.11)
  • Posted photos of the Cite Mediaeval at Carcassonne, which is about halfway between Montpellier and Toulouse and noted “Dame Carcas was one hell of a PR practitioner - way back in the middle ages!! Legend has it she defeated a siege by tossing a pig stuffed with grain over the ramparts. The surrounding army took this as a sign that the inhabitants had enough food to withstand the seige and decamped!! Great thinking!!"

Saturday (20.11)
  • After arriving in Carcassonne, courtesy of friends living in Montouliers, near Bèziers (and if anyone is looking for a fabulous rural gite in the south of France, do check out 6 Place Aux Herbes in the charming town of Bize-Minervois - I can personally recommend this for value and location!!) “OMG - died and gone to heaven - dinner at La Barbacane in Carcassonne. Even the mint tea was made from fresh mint leaves. Don't want to know about my credit card any more :-)” and
  • “is cocooned inside the old city of Carcassonne in 5* luxury. Oh bliss!!!"
(For the record – the hotel was the Hotel de la Cite).

Friday (19.11)
  • “can't believe her holiday is officially halfway over (or to be more positive - I still have half my holiday to look forward to!!!!!!!)”
(And that goes double today, a week later, but less holiday remaining. Watched a timelapse video of the aurora borealis this evening – things are looking good for a spectacular season for the northern lights).

. . . and on a similar note . . .

Wednesday (17.11)
  • “The Ice Hotel in Sweden is already open for business this winter - I will visit (but not stay) here in three weeks' time! It's an amazing construction and design feat each year."

Looking back over the last 14 days, I can add the following:
  • I’ve attended french school for 44 lessons (45 minutes each lesson) and that includes four 1 on 1 lessons, where you just can't hide!
  • Had at least two long conversations in french with native french speakers and fellow students
  • I’m now good friends with the man and his wife who make my coffee each morning (of course!)
  • I’m no longer fearful of ordering taxis, meals, train tickets, and heaps of other day to day activities – but I will do anything to avoid a phone conversation in french with someone I don’t know!
  • I've started reading Le Petit Prince in french. And loving it!
All in all, a good couple of weeks. I love getting comments on my posts - so don't be shy, post away!!


  1. Sue, we will need to test out your language skills when you get back to Australia - next girls weekend away La Grillade in Sydney and you are ordering for us! Love Luisa and Jenny

  2. Miss Sue,

    Have you any idea how stressful its been posting the same comment over and over because google doesn't like my password. As a result, I now have severe ennui with my blog. But I will for your edification repeat myself - again. Best part of learning a language is the mirth and amusement it provides to all those around you. And would like pics of the aurora borealis. I confess to a tinge of green.

    Love J

  3. Better idea - we go to Vanuatu or New Caledonia???

  4. Lets just go a girls weekend in Paris - come on I dare you!
    Much love

  5. PS - Tell me about the Nordic's - details Sue details....