17 March 2011

Chasing the light in 2011

Light was a recurring theme in my 2010 travels. Sadly I didn't get to see the Northern Lights, but I did have some amazing experiences in just three or four hours of daylight in Scandinavia.

As an enthusiastic photographer, I also learnt a lot about using what light there is - and so I've decided to combine my two loves this year and do some photography workshops and courses in France! I've found a great outfit called Ocean Capture Adventures, based near Biarritz in the south-west. First up will be a three-day workshop in Soustons, 45 km north of Biarritz, then a three-day tour focusing (literally) on the stilt fishing huts of the Gironde. So that's the first week of my three week stay in France. More to follow. 

And back to the Alliance Francaise next week with added motivation! 

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