17 October 2010

Landing like a feather

Dubai airport, 0455, and our flight touches down as "light as a feather" according to Mum. Which is all the more amazing when you think just how big these planes really are. It's like taking a small apartment block and pointing it half way around the world and hoping the china doesn't get damaged. But that's what happens, day in, day out with these amazing planes.

So from the lightest of touchdowns, to the fabulous Marhaba meet and greet service, we are through customs and immigration formalities in less than 30 minutes and being whisked off to our hotel, where despite the early hour, at least three attentive staff vie for our attention - and best of all, there is even a room available for us 8 hours ahead of schedule. Gotta love being a tourist in the wake of the GFC.

And after a quick trip on the metro to check out the general lie of the land, we are back to put our heads on the feather-soft pillows for a couple of hours before heading off to the Sunday service at Christ Church in Jebel Ali.

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Love your blog! We look forward to following your adventures. Hope you're both well. Our thoughts and love are with you in Dubai.
    Love Dani, Graham, Lauren & Scarlett xxx