17 October 2010

Whining about wine

So here we are, settled in 9E and 9F on EK413 to Dubai, as fancy as you please! All the mod cons of the fabulous Airbus A380, and despite leaving at 2145, we still have dinner to look forward to. And a small but very creative wine list.

How could I not try the Chateau St Georges 2002 (St Georges. St Emilion) when "the nose is immediate and forthright (my sort of girl really). At first, spicy oak tends to dominate the aroma profile. Within about 10 minutes, a much more balanced profile emerges (yep, gotta have balance in your wine, if not in your life) with violets, brambles, dark berry fruit and spicy vanilla oak all contributing their share. (Sounds like my overgrown garden.) The flavour then drives through and widens on the middle palate ('fore' she yelled!) delivering a clear, clean shot of complex dark berry fruit. On the finish, a blanket of tannins descends on the tongue, puckering and drying the mouth, while clear fruit rises to the back of the mouth singing with intensity (the hills are alive, people). Very good length."

As you might expect that was an awful lot to live up to - the wine was fine, but the night was won by the wine writing people (how does one get this sort of job I wonder).

Apart from the very late dinner (top nosh for an airline), an uneventful flight. Slept heaps, no-one accused us of snoring too much, but there is a tendency for one of us to talk very loudly when we have our headphones on!

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