21 October 2010

A year is a long time . . .

18 October: it's a year to the day since Milty passed away in Dubai. So coming back here is always going to be with mixed emotions.

In the midst of the hussle bussle of Dubai, there are spaces that are peaceful and tranquil. Green Community, where John was staying last year, is one of those places. It is off the usual tourist path, so of course our driver decided the only word that mattered was "green" and that in turn meant "golf course", so he drove us to the community that was built around a golf course!

Lovely, but not the Green Community we were after. After a couple of false starts and energetic phone conversations (all while driving, naturally), we found the right place.

Back into the Dubai traffic and our driver then managed to stay pretty much to our planned itinerary, ending up at the Souq Madinat for lunch and a spot of shopping. Of course this is not the "real" souq, but in Dubai, who's to say what's real and what's a mirage in any case?

For anyone who loves home decorating, this is certainly the place to find exactly the piece of furniture or objet to complete your desired "look". I don't think I can fit anything more into my suitcases however, so must leave that to another time, sadly.

Trader Vics, where we had lunch, is a pretty typical Friday brunch place in the middle east, one that John and I often used to frequent when in Bahrain. And the lamb chops they served were just perfect!!

"Here's to us, the nicest people we know."

Vale Milty, rest in peace.

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